Has Carnival Cruises Become The Mother Ship Of Responsible Travel?

16 06 2015

Conserve Tourism

I think it’s fair to say that large ship cruises are currently one of the undisputed champions of irresponsible tourism. This made it even more surprising when Carnival Corporation announced last week that they are stepping down from the podiums top spot and entering the world of responsible tourism. I had to double check it wasn’t April 1st before I believed it. At first I was pleased, perhaps they have finally given in to the long list of campaigns and criticisms to become more responsible! However, when a company that was voted 3rd in the top ten corporate criminals list just last year suddenly decides to become the next power house for ‘sustained and long lasting positive impact’, alarm bells started ringing and concerns start to bubble up.

However, I have previously suggested that perhaps it’s time to work with the irresponsible companies to improve their approaches to tourism rather than fighting them. Nobody can deny that if cruises were responsible…

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How To Make Holiday Companies Desperate for Responsible Tourism

27 05 2015

Selling responsible travel is like selling vitamins to improve your life. This article approaches the question as to why so few companies have yet to adopt the practice.

Conserve Tourism

I am still unsure whether holiday companies have grasped the idea that responsible tourism is essential if they are going to keep their heads above the water. Profitability is always the best way to convince holiday companies that responsible tourism is a sensible addition to their products. For example, it provides a competitive advantage and is making its way into holiday itineraries. However, responsible tourism isn’t essential for business but rather an additional cost or a bit of a pain (so much so that many pay other companies to increase their responsible tourism credentials through tokenistic schemes like carbon offsetting) and it is also a lot of extra work for little return. So how do we make responsible travel indispensable?

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Community Tourism Project in Panama

16 07 2014

My friend Annie Young from Ecocircuitos in Panama recently published a story on her log about a new community development project in Panama city. You can read about it here.

Rainforest Spa, La Quinta de Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

16 03 2010
Spa in the Rainforest of Costa Rica

La Quinta de Sarapiqui Outdoor Massages

I had the pleasure of visiting this ecolodge on a couple of occasions. The owners are long time local tourism supporters and have been adding new services all the time, like this outdoor spa. What could be more relaxing than a gentle massage listening to the sounds of the forest and the river? I should also say that the food at their upgraded dining room was also very tasty and healthy. If you are looking for someplace simple, nice and well run, you would not be far wrong in this one. Friendly and funky.

Hello world!

22 02 2010

Welcome to our first blog site. I hope you all like it.