Hello, my name is George Duffy and I operate a website called WorldwideEcolodges.com.

I first visited an ecolodge in Peru and, being someone who loved nature, was immediately captivated.  I had been to many, many hotels and resorts in my career as a tour company manager, but this was the first place that I truly felt made sense. But I would not have known that if I had not gone and tried it however. Until you actually stay at a true ecolodge, words or even video cannot express the total sense of being in nature.

I started doing research and found there are hundreds of ecolodges around the world and it became a bit of an obssesion with me to try and get people to stay at these places. I wanted people to be able to connect with that part of themself that is buried so deep that most of us have forgotten it even exists.

So, I started a tour business and website to help sell the tours and now I am blogging on the subject. This blog site is to talk about anything on ecolodges: fun stuff like cool new places or upgrades and developments, your experiences, my experiences,  green building products and services, wildlife, birds and nature.

If you are interested in nature tours, or have been to some cool ecolodges and want to comment, please feel free to send in your posts.


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